“I have been a patient of Dr. Murphy’s for years … even before he
started Carolina Pain and Hormone. Dr. Murphy and his nurse, Mandy, are
top notch healthcare providers. They listen to you and offer advice to
help get your body where YOU want it. When you enter their offices, you
are their top priority, not just another patient. Over the years, we
have become like family.

I see Dr. Murphy and Mandy for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
Before I started, I didn’t realize how depressed I was. After starting
the bioidentical hormones, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I
had previously gone to my gynecologist, who just wanted to put me on
birth control pills for my symptoms. I don’t need to be on birth control
so I sought out and found Dr. Murphy. He listened to my problems, did
bloodwork, and came up with a protocol for me and I’ve never felt better
at age 53!!”

Shannon L. Myers
North Carolina Certified Paralegal

“I have been a patient at Carolina Pain and Hormone for almost a year
now and can honestly say that it has been a life changing experience for
me. I was diagnosed by my family doctor about 4 years ago with “low T”.
He had suggested some treatments for me at the time, but I declined,
thinking I could “overcome” it. I am not one to take medicine or even go
to the doctor. Three years later, I was still struggling with the
effects of low T. I decided to visit Dr. Murphy for a consultation. I
was desperate to feel better. I had always led an active lifestyle
working out regularly in the gym. I had seen a serious decline in my
strength and endurance between the past 4 or 5 years and just attributed
it to “getting older”. Sadly, I had just come to accept it. Within about
3 months of BHRT treatment with Dr. Murphy, I was feeling like I did 10
years ago. My strength and endurance had increased miraculously! I could
not believe how good I was feeling. My gym partners were also amazed at
how much my strength and endurance had increased. I went from always
lagging behind them in our workouts to leading the pack with very
impressive numbers. And, I’m proud to say one of my gym partners is 11
years younger than me! I had been just going through the motions, using
the gym time as more of a social hour than an actual workout. Now, I
feel like I’m living again and not just surviving. I can also see a
difference in my focus and feel I maintain a more positive attitude.
When I first learned of the process for BHRT, I felt as though it was
somewhat invasive; however, it is actually a very pleasant experience. I
have no adverse side effects or pain. I can honestly say I look forward
to going in for my labs and treatments. It’s a pleasure to visit the
office regularly and converse with Dr. Murphy, Mandy and the rest of his
staff. I can’t say I would change a thing about the practice or
treatment experience. Keep up the great work guys!”

Lee Griffin, CAMS
Financial Crimes Investigator
External Fraud Investigations
Wells Fargo Bank N.A. l 1525 W WT Harris Blvd l Charlotte, North
Carolina 28262
MAC D1113-026

“I’ve been using Dr. Murphy for a while now.  I’ve used him for both pain and hormone.

Every time I go in, I always get professional and friendly service at front desk.
Mandy is very caring and genuine.  She takes the time to explain everything in a manner that takes all your worries away.

The hormones are awesome.  I feel better and have more energy.
I once used Dr. Murphy for the pain side.  I had some joint pain in my hip.  He was able to make the pain go away almost right away, and it has never come back.

If you want to be cared for by professionals who really and genuinely care about YOU, then I recommend using Dr Murphy.”

Charles L.


“I didn’t know I could feel this good.  Dr. Murphy is very knowledge in his field.  I was very impressed with how much time the Dr. spent explaining, discussing, and answering my questions.  I never feel rushed when I go to his office.  His staff are very pleasant and welcoming.  Dr. Murphy called me the next day to go over my blood work.  My appointment was scheduled soon after I received my pellets from the pharmacy in NY.  Mandy went over my blood results and explained everything in detail.  She spent a lot of time with me.  I highly recommend Carolina Pain and Hormone Center.  I no longer have hot flashes or night sweats.  I have more energy and no mood swings!   Now my husband interested in seeing what this is all about.”

 – Colleen  C.  

Fort Mill, SC

“It’s always a pleasure and very comforting to visit Carolina Pain & Hormone. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled visit or an appointment for something more specific, Dr. Murphy and Nurse Mandy are very thorough, professional and explanatory. Every question I’ve ever asked has been answered in plain, straightforward language… and every course of action they’ve recommended has worked out very much to my advantage. Can’t say enough good things about this entire practice, including Judy, the kindhearted scheduler and receptionist, at the front desk. A-Plus all the way.”

– Gary D.


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