Our Practice

Carolina Pain and Hormone’s mission is to help our patients achieve optimal health through total body wellness.  

At our practice, Medical Director, John B. Murphy Jr. M.D., has over 20 years of experience in internal medicine, pain management, and anesthesiology.  Dr.Murphy has a genuine passion for helping individuals improve their quality of life through prevention.  Dr.Murphy’s proactive approach allows Carolina Pain and Hormone to go beyond a typical primary care practice by providing the following:


  • Advice to patients on preventive measures  to potentially prevent various diseases and achieve optimal health

  • Useful articles and information to help understand current medical conditions

  • Create individualized care plans that strive to get the root of medical conditions and wellness concerns

  • Medical consultation to answer questions and help patients make the best lifestyle decisions to improve health

  • Traditional and alternative treatment programs to address ever-

    changing medical needs and wellness goals

  • Referrals to specialists if deemed necessary by providers

I went from always lagging behind them in our workouts to leading the pack with very
impressive numbers.

– Lee Griffin, CAMS