Hormone Treatment on The Debra Kennedy Show

Hormone Treatment on The Debra Kennedy Show

Video on Hormone TreatmentDr. John Murphy recently went on The Debra Kennedy show to discuss hormone treatment. He addresses the issues of hormone imbalance and its effects on the body. Debra Kennedy asks several questions in regards to how women and men change over time because of hormones. The interview focuses on hormone changes resulting in menopause.

Dr. Murphy specializes in how hormones affect your daily routine based on a variety of individualized factors including blood tests, family history, and several others.

Debra Kennedy and Dr. Murphy touch base on several important topics including:

  • Hormones are a big part of why we have issues as woman as we age.

o   Night sweats create an inability to sleep at night.

o   As we age, we loose the cells that synthesizes and manufactures hormones

  • What types of hormones can help different people? Are there different types?

o   There is testosterone, which was thought to be a complete male hormone, which is not true. Testosterone is a complete vital hormone for ladies

o   There is also natural estrogen for bone structure and integrity

o   Progesterone lets you sleep at night as well as helps insomnia, night sweats and provides bone mass.

  • Hip fractures are a major source of mortality.

o   They can be prevented with estrogen.

o   Estrogen reduces the amount of hip fractures by three times.

o   More importantly, if you add testosterone to that, you have a six times less chance of hip replacement and hip fractures

  • Dangers of Hip Replacement surgery and Hip Fractures:

o   This is a bloody operation with a lot of blood loss and disability, 59 percent of people that have this operation die within a year

o   Another fact is that it can cause where your spine actually shortens create major back pain

Dr. Murphy begins the interview at timestamp 5:25. Check out the video here.